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What does a telepresence robot do?

A telepresence robot is a robot that allows you to basically be somewhere without having to physically be there. It reacts from you stimuli. You control it.

What is telepresence?

Telepresence allows a person to communicate with, and see other people without physically being next to them via a TV screen. It is called Telepresence because it basically uses a tele, and it allows them to feel that they are… Full Answer

How is telepresence implemented?

There are many ways in which to implement telepresence. All of these ways start with including the three basic needs which are vision, sound, and manipulation. This allows the device to be easily controlled.

Is a typewritten holographic will valid?

No. There is no such thing as a typewritten holographic will. A holographic will, by definition, is entirely handwritten by the testator. In some states a holographic will doesn't need to be witnessed.

What exactly does Cisco Telepresence do?

"Cisco, a celebrated computer technologies company is on top of the industry and provides premium products. Cisco Telepresence is no different. They focus on professional 'face to face' video telecommunication conferences."

What is holographic paper?

Holographic paper is like a paper/fabric-ish that is holo (holographic). By the way, holo (holographic) is like a color (not a color but it is silver-ish) that shifts into rainbow colors.

What is a Yu-Gi-Oh holo card?

A holographic card has a somewhat sparkly background when light reflects off of it. You can tell the difference between a holographic and a non-holographic card as certain color schemes are illuminated on holographic cards.

What is a Handwritten will not sign but valid will?

A handwritten will is called a holographic will. In certain cases an unsigned holographic will may be considered valid, however, holographic wills aren't considered valid in every jurisdiction. You need to check the laws in your particular jurisdiction. You could… Full Answer

What is a holographic sight?

A holographic sight is an attachment used by the united states army, special forces and is also sold to the general public for various types of weapons that the defence force or civilian population may poses. Essentially the red croshair… Full Answer