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What are some different subsidy types?

There a number of different subsidy types available. One of the most common is a cash grant subsidy. Other types include tax concessions, in-kind subsidies, cross subsides, derivative subsidies and credit subsides.

Do wind turbines need subsidy?

Yes they do need subsidy they need money to build and the farmers get money for having a wind turbine in their farm they get subsidy very very high subsidy all from the tax payer

What is corrective subsidy?

A corrective subsidy is basically a payment that is made by the government. It is used to ensure the optimal output of a product or the consumption of that product.

What is the act of providing a subsidy?

The act of providing a subsidy generally means that money is supplied to a person, government or a corporation with the intent of securing an action deemed to be beneficial to the party providing the subsidy or too a worthy… Full Answer

What is a subsidy?

Subsidy is basically just money given by a government or person to another. The official definition for the word subsidy is "a sum of money granted by the government or a public body to assist an industry or business so… Full Answer