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What are good dog names?

Good dog names: p-nut pickel peppeno < spanish for pickel scruffy giyo pumpkin giant:) biggy:) tot badger bandit carmel cider cocobear coco grizzly fatso fluffy frosty gema hershey inky max-a-million if you would like more names please messae me back… Full Answer

Job description of fast food crew?

The job description of a fast food crew would include needing someone with the ability to multi-task. Someone would also need good communication skills, a pleasant personality, and the ability to stay calm.

What are the parts of a menu card?

price- the food item may be priced separately or fixed price for a complete meal. description- the food item should be worded to give the guest good idea about the kind of food they are ordering.

What is the job description of dietitians?

Dietitians, often also called Nutritionists, plan food and nutrition programs and supervise the preparation of food. Their main task is to prevent illnesses and to assure that their clients eat healthy food that keeps their body in a good condition.