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How do you feel a girl while she sleeps?

This is a NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!YOu are not to touch someone without their consent...If you have any respect for the girl and common decency, you will NOT do this. If the girl wakes up and finds you touching her, without her… Full Answer

What is the nutcraker about?

The Nutcracker is about a girl name Clara that falls a sleep at a party and has a dream and then when she wakes up she realizes it was just all a big dream.

Is Sarah a good girl name?

yes it is any name will be a good girl name but it is up to you. its your child you can make up anything or just keep it simple. thank you for taking the time read my answer x

What is a typical day for a wolf?

A typical day... I will try, here it is: -Wolf wakes up -Searches for food all day -Finds food -Check the area -Hunt -Rest -Sleep If you consider it, it is quite a lot of things, especially considering they can… Full Answer