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What has the author Hazel Green Pflueger written?

Hazel Green Pflueger has written: 'The academic success and retention of community college athletes and nonathletes' -- subject(s): Academic achievement, Athletes, College athletes, Community college students, Dropout behavior, Prediction of, Prediction of Dropout behavior, Prediction of scholastic success, Psychology

How do you take reel off fishing rod?

Onmostfishing rods (spinning rods) the the reel isattachedto the rod through the reel seat. At the top of the reel (where the reel joins the rod) you will see the foot of the reel being held held on onto the… Full Answer

What is a confined reel in Irish dancing?

A confined reel is a competition in a feis where you dance your normal reel, however a confined reel can only be danced by those who have not won a 3 adjudicator championship.

What is quantum baitcasting?

Quantum baitcasting is a specific technique that involves the use of an applicable reel - such as the Quantum EXO Baitcast Reel. This type of reel claims to be lighter and just as durable as a standard reel.