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What is a vfx compositor?

VFX is visual effects primarily made in cgi, (sfx special fx is made on set) Composeting: bringing all layers together. ex The film with the computer generated effects and the matte-painted background

What does the AIE in Australia do?

The AIE is the Academy for Interactive Entertainment. They are an Education center that focuses on Games, 3D and VFX (Visual Effects) education. They have campuses in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Do the tectonic plates have names?

Plate tectonics is the name of the theory. The plates are actually call tectonic plates. There are: * African Plate * Antarctic Plate * Arabian Plate * Australian Plate * Caribbean Plate * Cocos Plate * Eurasian Plate * Indian… Full Answer

What are 10 tectonic plates on the Earth?

Pacific plate , North american plate, South American plate , Eurasian plate, African plate, Indian plate, Antarctic plate, Australian plate, Scotia plate, Fiji plate, Arabian plate, Mid-atlantic plate, Carribean plate, Nazca plate

What are the 6 major continental plates?

There are 15 main plates altogether they are the: African Plate Antarctic Plate Eurasian Plate Indo-Australian Plate North American Plate Pacific Plate South American Plate Arabian Plate Caribbean Plate Cocos Plate Indian Plate Juan de Fuca Plate Nazca Plate Philippine… Full Answer

What are the ten major plates?

Pacific Plate, Antarctic Plate, Austrian Plate, North American Plate, Indian Plate, Cocos Plate, Eurasian Plate, Nazca Plate, African Plate, and the South American Plate.