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What does a risk assessment mean?

A risk assessment, in the building trade for example, must be done before work can begin. It is to ensure that all possibilities of an accident or other mishap is forseen and so guarded against.

Where might one find a risk assessment template?

HSE or Health Safety Executive is a UK government agency which is concerned in providing public safety in workplaces. It provides the risk assessment templates which are used for reporting any accident or incident which happened at work.

What does a risk assessment look like?

A risk assessment is a written report of an examination of risks associated with a job or position. A risk assessment should include any hazards of the job, who may be at risk and any risk control procedures in place.

What has the author Elsa Nielsen written?

Elsa Nielsen has written: 'Toxicological risk assessment of chemicals' -- subject(s): Environmental Exposure, Environmental risk assessment, Hazardous substances, Health risk assessment, Methods, Prevention & control, Risk assessment, Standards, Toxicity, Toxicity testing, Toxicology