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How many kinds of guitars are their?

a lot. Theres the acoustic guitar, the electric acoustic guitar, the solid body electric guitar, the semi-hollow body electric guitar, hollow body electric guitar, resonator guitar and lap steel guitar. thee are also synth guitars and a few others but… Full Answer

What is the diffrent types of guitars?

The kinds of guitars are acoustic, electric, electric-acoustic, twelve string, archtop, steel, resonator, bass, and double necked guitars. Acoustic- big hollow body Electric- blues, jazz, pop, rock; amplified Electric-acoustic- can be amplified Twelve string- acoustic usually; in place of one… Full Answer

What does Kevin Jonas play?

Kevin Jonas plays all the kinds of guitar there is including electric, jazz, classical, rock, acoustic, banjo, folk, twelve-string, archtop, steel, resonator, bass and double-neck.

What is the resonator on a car?

"Resonator" usually refers to the Exhaust system. A resonator is a piece of tubing that is slightly larger in diameter than the rest of the exhaust pipe. It is usually located after the catalytic converter, and before the muffler. Vehicles… Full Answer

What type of guitar is made of metal?

resonator guitars usually, they've been around forever, 6 strings but they echo.. that and I can imagine early banjos.. but electric guitar wise James hetfield has an interesting les paul with crystals and metal on it as well.