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What is the subconsious mind?

The subconscious mind is our soul which connects us with the infinite power, our subconscious mind does not recognize whats good or bad, therefore we become what we think about. If we think negative we will get negative results, if… Full Answer

What is Subsconcious?

The word Subconscious can either be a noun or adjective. The word subconscious as an adjective can be defined as concerning the part of the mid which one is not fully aware but which influences oneÕs actions and feelings. Subconscious… Full Answer

Can psychological disorders be prevented?

In order to prevent a psychological disorder one must first understand what constitutes a psychological disorder. A psychological disorder is characterized by subconscious thinking that is not true resulting in negative emotions and behaviour that cannot consciously be controlled. Many… Full Answer

What is autosuggestion?

The mind is modeled as a midget riding an elephant. The midget is the conscious mind, The all-powerful is the subconscious mind. The subconscious has the mentality of a 7-year old, in fact the 7 year old that each of… Full Answer

What does subconscious mean?

Subconscious is the state of mind or thought that we are NOT speaking..Its more like thinking..Its your self when your deciding to act,,or a course of action you are considering..The word itself means NOT CONSCIOUS !! Implying when you are… Full Answer