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What exactly is grand larceny?

Grand larceny is a serious crime. It is when someone takes money or items that is worth over $2500. It is a more serious charge than petty theft or theft and comes with longer jail time.

What is felony crime?

A felony crime is generally thought of as a very serious crime in many countries with similar legal systems, such as the United States and Great Britain. Less serious crimes, such as petty theft, are called misdemeanors.

How is genocide a crime?

why wouldn't it be a CRIME? YOU ARE hurting a person and of course that officially brings you to jail or in serious danger.

If a confession beneficial for the accused?

An accused person should never confess to a crime/incident before he or she has consulted with a legal representative. Having said that, in some instances the prosecutor is more willing to negotiate a plea bargain when the accused/defendant is cooperative.