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What is the function aceto-orcein?

aceto_orcein dyes chromatin red. ıt binds to histon proteins at chromatin and shows its structure. nucleoli don't stain with aceto_orcein so chromatins can be seen at clear area.

What has the author Luca Aceto written?

Luca Aceto has written: 'Action refinement in process algebras' -- subject(s): Parallel processing (Electronic computers), Programming languages (Electronic computers), Semantics 'Action Refinement in Process Algebras (Distinguished Dissertations in Computer Science)'

What is active methylene compound?

The hydrogen attached to a saturated carbon atom containing strong electron withdrawing groups in acidic form reacts with base to generate carbanion .such compounds which contain acidic CH2 group are called active methylene compounds . eg:CH3-CO-CH2-COO-C2H5 (ethyl aceto acetate