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What is Drummond instrumentation?

types of spinal instrumentation. Drummond instrumentation, also called Harri-Drummond instrumentation, uses a Harrington rod on the concave side of the spine and a Luque rod on the convex side.

What are the types of spinal instrumentation?

Several common types of spinal instrumentation are. Harrington Rod.Luque rods.Drummond instrumentation, also called Harri-Drummond instrumentation.Cotrel-Dubousset instrumentation.Zeilke instrumentation.The Kaneda device.Wisconsin instrumentation

Places where instrumentation is used?

Ride through your local town and look for smoke or steam rising into the air. These places use instrumentation. Every liquid you consume was manufactured or bottled in a facility using instrumentation. Every time you sneeze, use a napkin or… Full Answer

Where can one buy instrumentation panels for Honda?

There are several different places that you can buy instrumentation panels for a Honda. You can find several on ebay online and you can also find the instrumentation panels for a Honda in the Motor Trend Magazine. Good Luck!