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Do deer lick salt bait?

yes deer lick salt bait and i used it to hunt a deer. A deer comes up and licks it and then you shoot it.

Is field corn and deer corn the same?

yes, deer corn is just dried out regular yellow corn. most deer corn comes from ears of corn that will not sell, like if it is deformed or possibly picked prematurely.

Do deer eat corncobs?

Yes they do because i have fed a deer corn millions of times at my nana's house When I've thrown out corn cobs for the deer in my yard, they've eaten the corn and left the cob....

Do deers dig holes?

Deer do not dig holes to live in. But--Deer do dig holes. When a deer finds a spot in the ground that has minerals which the deer needs to survive a deer will dig and eat the dirt. Salt is… Full Answer

Can deer digest deer corn?

In winter, the deer's digestive system changes to accommodate less nutritive food. So corn is not digestible in winter. Feeding deer in winter is an artificial food source for the deer. Deer population grow and wane according to the availability… Full Answer

What is in deer corn?

It's just whole corn. Often bags labeled "Deer Corn" are a little dirtier, have bits of cob and junk along with the whole corn. You see that mainly with deer corn purchased at Walmart. Feed stores often carry a higher… Full Answer

What type of deer are their?

Water Deer Elk Caribou Moose Red Deer Reindeer Chinese Water Deer Roe Deer Sika Deer Fallow Deer Whitetail Deer Mule Deer

Can horses eat deer corn?

While there is corn in some horse food it is not advised to feed them deer corn. It is best to keep a horse on a vet recommended diet to prevent health issues.

What gender of deer are buck deer?

Buck deer are the male deer, and females are called does. Some of the species of deer include the white-tailed deer, mule deer, elk, moose, red deer, reindeer, fallow deer, and chital.

Do deer exhibit homosexual behavior?

Yes, many species of deer have been observed engaging in homosexual behavior, including: Black-tailed deer Red deer Reindeer Roe deer Sika deer Swamp deer Mule deer Pere David's deer Fallow deer White-tailed deer

Is a deer call a buck?

A male deer is called a Buck. A female deer is a doe. A male deer is called a Buck. A female deer is a doe. A male deer is called a Buck. A female deer is a doe. A… Full Answer

What are all the kinds of deer?

Some species (cannot list them all at the moment) are: White-tailed deer Mule deer Key deer Black-tailed deer Fallow deer Roe deer Perre David's deer Red Deer Dik-diks Musk deer Other cervids which are a part of the deer family… Full Answer