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What do they call the suit that cleanroom technicians must wear while making computer chips?

It is humorously called a "Bunny Suit." However it has a veryserious purpose, humans shed dead skin flakes, eyelashes, etc. allthe time. One of those falling on a wafer can ca ( Full Answer )
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What are suits?

Suits are clothing, obviously. But the word can also mean: LAWSUITS - civil legal actions EXECUTIVES - (slang, because that's what they wear) upper level employees of a comp ( Full Answer )
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What is a Suite?

A suite is usually a set of something, like a suite of furniture. In computing terms, a suite refers to a group of applications that come together as one set. Microsoft Offi ( Full Answer )
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What materials is a firefighter suit made from?

Firefighting personal protective equipment (PPE) typically consists of multiple layers. The outer layer is commonly made of Nomex and/or Kevlar. The next thermal layer is ofte ( Full Answer )
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What are firefighter suits made out of?

There are three layers to structural firefighting gear. Outer Layer (water resistent, protects us from punture), this layer is usually made of a Nomex/Kevlar blend. Thermal La ( Full Answer )
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What is a bulletproof suit made of?

Most are made from kevlar with polyester lining and covering, brands and types differ some take metal and ceramic plates others have stab resistant plates. most vest since a w ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the suit?

if it is on spy island then go to doctor spy glasses and ask him for an eye exam and if he points to an E that is facing left click right if it is up click down (do the oppisi ( Full Answer )
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What are diving suits made of?

Most wet suits are made of closed cell neoprene foam rubber faced with lycra on the inside and nylon on the outside.. Dry suits may also be made with closed cell neoprene foa ( Full Answer )
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What are hazmat suits made from?

It is made of durable but light materials such as DuPont's CPF fabric to help the person not be affected by whatever is dangerous but the worker can still have the ability to ( Full Answer )
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Whne did they stop making Race suits made of asbestos?

Asbestos fibers cause several fatal diseases including mesothelioma and lung cancer; the EPA regulates which products asbestos may be used in (like brake pads or cement) and g ( Full Answer )
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What is the iron man suit made of?

The Iron Man suit is made of titanium with a gold finish. I'm not sure why the people called him iron man. No it is not made of titanium, at the end of the movie he says its ( Full Answer )
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Why do they wear the suit that cleanroom technicians must wear while making computer chips?

Computer chips are made up of silicon. Silicon can be converted into p type or n type using the process of doping. Doping is a process of adding impurity. it means that by add ( Full Answer )
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Why do technicians wear suits while making computer chips?

The tiniest flake of hair or skin cells can ruin a production run of chips. The suit is there to protect the chips and not so much the technician. Many toxic substances are us ( Full Answer )
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From what the bomb suit is made of?

The first bomb suits were made of a Kevlar material as well as foamand plastic. These suits are meant to stop projectiles.
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What cloth is space suits made of?

soft layers of insulation, neoprene rubber, and Kevlar, which both hold pressure and protect the astronaut.
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What is Ironman's suit really made of?

His suit is made of 2 million nanobots that are all the size of a grain of sand. They all work together to create a plate-like armor. Then nanobots are made of a Titanium-whit ( Full Answer )
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What does the man in the yellow suit want?

The man in the yellow suit wants to own the Foster's wood in order to have the magical spring, so he can sell the water to people who he thinks deserves it.
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What EOD suits made of?

The outer level is made up of HTA kermel which is flame retardant fabric with superior break open strength and UV stabilization.
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What are skydivers suits made of?

This depends on what you require the suit to do. If you are a light jumper and wish to maximise your fall rate, you probably will go for a tight fit nylon suit. If you are jum ( Full Answer )
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What are karate suits made of?

The karate outfit is called a gi or dogi. It is usually made of heavy cotton. Many of the lighter weight ones are now a blend of cotton and polyester, particularly for the kid ( Full Answer )
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What ski suits made of?

It is made from water proof fabric and has a non-removable liner made of nylon, silk, cotton or taffeta.
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How many space suits have been made?

Al Worden told me there are over 500 Apollo suits alone in archival storage at the Garber facility in Washington D.C. . I would assume there are considerable fewer Mercury an ( Full Answer )
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Who made the iron man suit?

Depends what armor you are talking about the mk2-7 i believe were all gold titanium alloy , the thorbuster and hulk buster armors were something else . The argo armors i th ( Full Answer )
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What are wing suits made of?

Wingsuits are built from a variety of materials, mostly ripstop nylon, with a lot of reinforcing. The 'wings' are actually inflating with air and taking on an airfoil shape wh ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find a power ranger replica suit?

Ebay and the only colors you can get are pink and red...but you can spend 250 dollars and fet whatever color helmet you want and there the real mccoy
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What is suit pants made of?

They are often made of either wool or polyester (although many other synthetic and natural textiles are used) and may be designed to be worn with a matching suit jacket.
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What is the suite?

A suite is a collection of pieces published together and often intended by the composer to be performed as one work during recitals or concerts. The pieces are usually united ( Full Answer )
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What are body suits typically made from?

Body suits are a very popular attire for young children and babies as it keep them warm and is easy to use. Body suits are typically made from 100% cotton.
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What are track suits typically made from?

Tracksuits are made with synthetic fibers. It is manufactured with a combination of cellulose triacetate and polyester. There are also track suits that are waterproof and coat ( Full Answer )
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Why do technicians wear bunny suits while making computer chips?

Micro-chips are extremely sensitive while being manufactured. Asingle spec of dust can ruin a whole silicon wafer - containingthousands of micro-chips. The 'bunny' suits preve ( Full Answer )