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Types of family planning?

There are a few family planning methods that a person can chose from. These options are, hormonal methods, IUD's, natural method, barrier method, and permanent methods.

What does natural family planning consist of?

Natural family planning is a method that can be used either to achieve or to prevent pregnancy. This method involves understanding when a woman is fertile. Some of the ways this can be determined is by using the calendar and…

What has the author John Joseph McCarthy written?

John Joseph McCarthy has written: 'The sympto-thermal method' -- subject(s): Natural family planning 'The ovulation method' -- subject(s): Natural family planning, Ovulation method, World War, 1914-1918, Description and travel, Sun (Baltimore, Md. : 1837), American newspapers, Foreign relations, Journalists

Is the Church against family planning?

Given that this is in the "Catholicism" category... yes, I think it's safe to say that the Roman Catholic church is against most forms of family planning. (They're probably okay with abstinence as a family planning method.) Roman Catholic Answer…