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Three different types of fungi and what they do?

BRACKET FUNGI:- Bracket fungi are commonly found growing on trees or fallen logs in damp woodlands. They can severely damage cut lumber and stands of timber. PENICILLIUM:- Common on foodstuffs, leather, and fabrics, they are economically important in producing antibiotics… Full Answer

What are the examples of deuteromycota?

Zygomycota: Rhizopus (black bread mold) Ascomycota: Black knot, yeast, blue green-red-brown molds, cup fungi, morels, chestnut blight, dutch elm disease Basidiomycota: mushrooms, puffballs, smuts, rusts, bracket fungi Deuteromycota: blue green molds, athletes foot, ringworm Source(s): college biology notes

What are the 4 phylums of fungi?

The Basidiomycota ("Club Fungi"),The Ascomycota ("Sac Fungi"),The Zygomycota ("Conjugation Fungi") and The Fungi Imperfecti ("Imperfect Fungi," sometimes known as the Deuteromycota")