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What is the thing you hang people on?

gallows, or a scaffold Oxford dictionary states that a scaffold is a "platform" whilst a gallows is a "frame for hanging criminals". So, it appears the scaffold is the platform on which the gallows is built.

What is a scaffold outrigger?

As defined in Australian/NewZealand Standard AS/NZS1576.1 a Scaffold Outrigger is "a component (or components) that increases the effective base dimensions of a scaffold to increase its stability". Outriggers are attached to the vertical load bearing members of the scaffold structure…

Where can one get scaffolding planks?

One can get scaffolding planks when one goes to a company called Scaffold Russ Dilworth Ltd. This company was formed in 1967 and it features a host of scaffolds like frame and brace scaffold, tube and clamp scaffold, etc.