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What is external hardware?

An external hardware is hardware that can be added onto a PC without being internal. There are external hard drives that can hold more storage than most hard drives built in.

Is hardware peripheral device?

Hardware can be a peripheral device, a keyboard, mouse and monitor are all peripheral and hardware, but a motherboard is hardware but not a peripheral. Peripherals are hardware that you plug in and use with the aid of the computer.

What is an imput device?

Is an input device. i presume u mean in computing. its any external hardware that can be connected to ur computer to help move something or input something on the screen. e.g. mouse keyboard, graphics tablet. i suggest googling the… Full Answer

What is hardware device?

A hardware device is a piece of physical computer technology, usually made of metal and plastic. The word is used in contrast with software, which refers to programs which direct the physical hardware to do things.