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What is G3?

G3 is an old powerpc processor from 1997. Compared to processors these days a g3 is obsolete.

Name the levels in halo?

The "levels" are 1-50 The Ranks go(from least to greatest): (G2,G3- means Grade 2, Grade 3) * Recruit * Apprentice-G2 * Private-G2 * Corporal-G2 * Sergeant-G2-G3 * Gunnery Sergeant-G2-G3-Master Gunnery Sergeant (>Lvl 10) * Lieutenant-G2-G3-First Lieutenant (LvL 10) * Captain-G2-G3-Staff… Full Answer

What is the price of the G3 Phone?

A G3 phone can vary largely in cost depending on the number of features on the phone. For a more current phone, this will likely be around 100 dollars for a phone capable of G3.

What is NFL attendance every week?

Attendance figures for the 2013 NFL Season thru week 8. Source for attendance figures: individual home game box scores AFC Attendance thru week 8: 4,165,504 NFC Attendance thru week 8: 4,318,673 Total Attendance 2013 NFL Season thru week 8… Full Answer

When was the iMac G3 first released?

The iMac G3 is a computer produced by Apple Inc. The iMac G3 was first released August 15th, 1998, and was discontinued on March 18th, 2003. The iMac was released in Bondi blue, as well as a number or other… Full Answer