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What is policy networks?

Policy networks are think tanks that create policies for a company. In London, the Policy Network is an international group of policy makers and those who think strategically.

What is the use of vpn?

A Private Network is the network build up from company's computer, devices and leased line. Virtual Private Networks are the networks that enable the organization to build up private network over public networks. Main features of Virtual Private networks are… Full Answer

What OSI layer does a switch function?

When independent networks or links are connected to create internet-works (network of networks) or a large network, the connecting devices (called routers or switches) route or switch the packets to their final destination. One of the functions of the NETWORK… Full Answer

What has the author Alexa A Dell'Acqua written?

Alexa A. Dell'Acqua has written: 'Wireless data communications' 'Enterprisewide PC LAN technologies' -- subject(s): Local area networks (Computer networks), Microcomputers 'IBM's Token-Ring network' -- subject(s): IBM Token-Ring Network (Local area network system), International Business Machines Corporation

What is the network management systems?

Network management systems is referred to the combinations of hardwares and softwares used to monitor and administer a computer network or networks. It manages the network elements, also called managed devices.

In computer networks iso stands for?

whether networks or anywhere else, iso stands for International Organisation for Standards... One of the most famous ISO international body organization that focuses on publishing ISO standards relating to computer network standards is the American National Standards Institute or simply… Full Answer

Type of network?

There are millions of types of different networks in the world. These networks may be as simple as a computer network for example.