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Does bio oil work on eczma?

Bio Oil can help eczema, but it is meant more for scars and dry skin. Bio Oil isn't that good for treating eczema, but it works really well on scars and stretch marks if you use it religiously. Try Hydrocortisone… Full Answer

What is meant by smallpox?

Small pox is a very serious infectious disease. It is not seen very ofter here in the US. It used to be required as a vaccine but no longer is. It could be used in a bio-terrorist attack.

What is bio?

Not basically. Bio IS the study of living things. Bio is me I am the study of living things Basically bio is the study of living things.

Who was Tony Azito?

Tony Azito was a professional tony award winning dancer who made his mark both on Broadway and in the Movies. He was best known for his portrail of the Sergent Of Police in Joesph Paps 1983 production of "Pirates Of… Full Answer

Current Georgia House of Representatives?

Abdul-Salaam, Roberta 74 BIO FACT SHEET Abrams, Stacey 84 BIO FACT SHEET Allison, Stephen 8 BIO FACT SHEET Amerson, Amos 9 BIO FACT SHEET Anderson, Lee 117 BIO FACT SHEET Ashe, Kathy 56 BIO FACT SHEET PRESS… Full Answer