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What is sacramental Grace?

Sacramental grace is a grace conferred by the valid and fruitful reception of the sacraments. It is instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Church.

What is Sacramental Worship?

Sacramental worship is a form of taking communion. It involves the taking of bread and wine to represent the broken body, and blood of Jesus Christ.

What is consecrated water?

Catholic Answer There is no such thing as "consecrated water," probably what you are referring to is Holy Water, which is ordinary water, which has been blessed by a priest: Holy Water is a Sacramental. A Sacramental is a… Full Answer

What does it mean to lead a sacramental life?

Some christian faiths such as Catholic / Episcopalian have things called sacraments. You have heard of most of them like baptsim, communion, confirmation. As you accept these throughout your life the church encourages you to life in accord with them...that… Full Answer