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Should companies buy obsidian?

If their business is in dealing with obsidian products, and they do not own any obsidian mines, then yes they will need to buy it. If however they do not need obsidian then they do not have to buy it.

Are obsidian rocks rare?

Obsidian is a fairly common and has little collector value. The only Obsidian that has a bit more value is Rainbow Obsidian. Which is still fairly common.

What size are the crystals in obsidian?

There are no crystals in obsidian. Obsidian is volcanic glass, and by definition, lacks a crystal lattice (orderly arrangement of atoms). This is an inherently unstable arrangement and over time, obsidian will "devitrify", or alter into crystalline minerals (and therefore… Full Answer

What igneous rocks looks like smooth glass?

There is a black rock known as obsidian that is extruded from volcanoes. Obsidian is hard and brittle and that is why it fractures with very sharp edges. Obsidian was used as arrowheads, obsidian carvings, and even obsidian blades in… Full Answer

Is obsidian easy go break?

Yes, natural obsidian can chip, crack, and break if hit by something. Aztecs used obsidian in arrow heads, and you can easily chip obsidian with a well placed hit with a rock. In other words: you can break obsidian easily.

Is obsidian poisonois?

Obsidian has a deadly poison in it. That's why people used them for hunting. After handling obsidian, wash your hands brs