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Example of high level language?

Abel ABEL Ada Algol APL BASIC BCPL BLISS C C++ CMS-2 COBOL COMAL COMTRAN FLOW-MATIC Forth Fortran GOTRAN Java JOSS Jovial Lisp Logo MAD MATH-MATIC Modula-2 Occam Pascal PL/1 PL/M Postscript Prolog RALPH Ratfor RPG Simula Smalltalk SNOBOL TACPOL etc… Full Answer

Can science and religion be reconciled?

Science and religion do not need to be reconciled. It is well documented that the thought patterns of Christianity - far from being a stumbling block for science - actually worked to give birth to it. Rodney Stark, a former… Full Answer

What is the half life of Alustra?

Topical steroids are the mainstay of the pharmacological treatment of hand eczema. Alustra is a sustained release and hence the half life is dependant on many factors. Occam's razor is the principle named after William of Occam, a 14th century… Full Answer

Can terrorism be contained?

First, I need to explain that my intention is to address this question without political or patriotic or religious leaning -- I'd like to address this as an objectively and as a tactical excercise. I'm going to skip morality and… Full Answer