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Why does DIRECT TV need phone line connection?

Reason Phone Line Connection Is Needed . The reason they need a phone line connection mainly, is so that your receiver can call out to DirectTV and report your movie purcha ( Full Answer )
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What number on direct tv is fox?

Depends on where you live. FOX would be part of your local channels and would probably be the same number on DIRECTV as the number of the station itself.
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What is the phone number of 'TV Guide'?

I finally found it by calling their corporate number in New York.Their Customer Service number is (800) 866-1400. ------>( I hopethis really helped) .
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What is the president of direct tv phone number?

Chase Carey 2230 East Imperial Highway El Segundo, CA 90245 Tel. (310) 964-5000 e-mail: This is not the Office of the President, or his p ( Full Answer )
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What is the phone number for direct tv customer service?

To Order New Service from DirecTV dial toll free 1-877-490-4760. For Customer Service dial 1-800-531-5000. 1-800-531-5000 is the number for the Direct TV customer service l ( Full Answer )
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What is the phone number for speed tv?

Speed TV was a network dedicated to the racing community. Speed TVis no longer on air. The last air date for the channel was August17, 2013.
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What is the number for direct tv technical support?

Please call this helpline 1-800-DIRECTV (1-800-347-3288). DIRECTV Customer Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a wee. It covers DIRECTV® programming, billing, Satellite dish ant ( Full Answer )
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Phone number for TV Guide?

Phone Number is 800-866-1400. In order to talk to a person, say"Customer service" twice. You can also have them call you or youcan call them and talk via the internet.
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What is your phone number for your office?

We have a toll free number that attends to the incoming calls of the customers located in long distances. While our virtual local number, cost effectively caters to the needs ( Full Answer )
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Are there direct phone numbers for sandals executive offices?

I have been stonewalled as well, if you want to talk to anyone other then a 5$ an hour idiot somewhere your screwed.. All emails get a cut and paste response and trying to esc ( Full Answer )
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What is the phone number to water jet seen on tv?

I think you're thinking of the Flow waterjet (see the link below), but other waterjet component manufacturers include Accustream, Omax, and KMT.
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Why do phone numbers on tv always start with 555?

People tend to call numbers they see on TV. This would mean that ifthey accidentally put a real person's number, this person would beharrassed by people that just called to se ( Full Answer )
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Can you know the dialog tv phone numbers?

simple the hotline number is 0777679679. when you call from a dialog mobile 02+taxes will be charged per entire call. (not per minute charge) regard http://tvdialog.wordp ( Full Answer )
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What is the phone number on Reality TV Island?

The phone number to Papa Pete's Pizza is 555-PETE (555-7383). Call for a pizza from the motel office, and deliver it to Bucky Lucas in room 4-B.
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How do you get the phone number on Reality TV Island?

The phone number for Papa Pete's Pizza is in the magazine that had the show application form. It is 555-7383 (555-PETE). You can call for a pizza from the Motel Office phone.
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What phone number do you call on Reality TV Island?

From the Pizza ad in the tabloid, call 555-7383 (555-PETE). Call and order a pizza for room 4-B, and deliver it when it arrives. Otherwise, Bucky Lucas will not answer the doo ( Full Answer )
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What is the phone number to order pizza in reality tv in poptropica?

it is 555-pete. also will someone tell me how to put down the gold vase in time tangled? please? sure there is a barrel in the bottom tangled time section. you get the barrel ( Full Answer )
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What is the phone number of the Meez offices?

No phone number was found on their website, but you can use the contact form on their site to contact them. See the Related Link to go to their site.
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What is the phone of direct tv CEO Michael white?

According to Kristi id #404701, mr white does NOT accept phone calls from subscribers. That is why he formed the office of the president, so he would not pave to take calls fr ( Full Answer )
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What is the Direct TV phone number?

The Direct Tv phone number is 1-888-777-2454. This number is used to order the product. The number is available from 6 am to 3 am ET. Questions about the product can also be a ( Full Answer )
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Where can one find list of Direct TV channel numbers?

A person can find a full list of the Direct TV channel numbers listed right on the channel guide on the Direct TV website. A person can also find out the channel numbers by us ( Full Answer )
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Where is the main office of Empire Direct located?

Empire Direct is an online appliance store in the United Kingdom. Empire direct can be contacted by telephone, email (via a form on their website) or by post at the following ( Full Answer )
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What are the one direction phone numbers?

Are you so naive that you think One Direction would ever tell you? You are never going to talk to them on a personal level little girl! By the time their ego's deflate a ( Full Answer )