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What GMRT do after receiving signal?

I persume you mean the Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope (GMRT) in India. The way a received signal is processed is equivalent to the working principle of a double-super-heterodyne-receiver. That means that a received signal is filtered, mixed with another frequency… Full Answer

What are the sayein levels?

here they are in power order sayein,great ape,false super sayein,super sayein, acstended super sayein,ultra super sayein, mastered super sayein,full power super sayein,super sayein 2,mastered super sayein 2,legendary super sayein ,super sayein 3,100% super sayein 3,super sayein ape,ultimate super sayein (super… Full Answer

Can you get a super power?

You can get a super-power on Poptropica, by going to the super-power island. If you go to the Super-power island and beat the island, you will be granted a super power- Flying. But, sadly, you can only use this super-power… Full Answer