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What is syn syn ack ack?

Syn Syn Ack Ack means three way handshake in Transmission Control Protocol. It is referred to as Syn Syn Ack Ack because there are three messages transmitted by TCP to negotiate and start a session between two computers.

Describe the TCP three way handshake?

The TCP three way handshake describes how two systems using the TCP protocol "talk to each other" to begin communication. The correct sequence is SYN, SYN-ACK, ACK Joey Hernandez CISM CISSP

What is the network handshake?

There are two different handshakes, I'll go with the basic TCP one though. Say you have two different people. Sally and Bob Sally is the first host, and bob is the second host. Sally sends bob a synchronized message (SYN)… Full Answer

What are different forms of synesthesia?

There are too many, but i'll make it shorter. syn could be any other sense or senses. sight(shape,color, person, movement) >syn sight (graph, grapheme, word) >syn sound>syn smell>syn taste>syn touch>syn emotion>syn concept>syn And there could be a chain of syns… Full Answer

Another word for good in synonyms?

good modif. 1.[Moral] - Syn. upright, honorable, charitable; righteous 2.[Kind] - Syn. considerate, tolerant, generous; 3.[Proper] - Syn. suitable, becoming, desirable; 4.[Reliable] - Syn. trustworthy, dependable, loyal; 5.[Sound] - Syn. safe, solid, stable; 6.[Pleasant] - Syn. agreeable, satisfying, enjoyable; 7.[Honorable]… Full Answer

How did ack-ack get its name?

In the WW2 military phonetic alphabet (the phonetic alphabet is the one that sometimes starts Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta) A A was pronounced Ack Ack. A A :: Anti-Aircraft.