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What is meant by NB?

The noun has one meaning: a Latin phrase (or its abbreviation) used to indicate that special attention should be paid to something Synonyms:, Source:

What does NB and IH mean in stage directions?

If you are reading a version of A Christmas Carol, you came across these abbreviations in the Scene 2 stage directions. I believe that N.B. is the latin nota bene meaning "note well" and the IH are the playwright's initials.

Meaning of NB?

NB means "Nota Bene", Italian for "Well noted"or "Note well", or would be "Notez bien" in French ... it's also new brunswick and no ball in cricket

Is the word Ben Greek or Latin?

Ben is a Latin root. It is derived from the Latin word "bene," which means "good" or "well." English words with this Latin root include benefit, beneficiary, and and benevolent.