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Is scientifical a word?

Scientifical is largely not accepted as a word, mostly because it is a redundant redefinition of "scientific." Scientifical should be a word. Examples: He is scientifical in his thinking. She takes a scientifical approach to her experiments. The Universe is… Full Answer

What is the name for a nautical mile?

Q: What is the name for a "nautical mile"? A: Uhh - you might want to think a bit longer.....any clue....alright, its.. a "nautical mile". A nautical mile is roughly equivalent to 1.15 statute miles.

How do you convert cm to miles?

1 cm = 0.000,005,396,118,248,376,847,5 (UK-nautical) mile = 5.396*10-6 UK-nautical mile (1 divided by 185318.4 cm/UK-nautical-mile) (1 divided by 185200 cm/US-nautical mile also /International-nautical mile) (1 divided by 160934.4 cm/US-statue mile)