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Who named the viet cong?

The South Vietnamese referred to Communists LIVING in "South Vietnam" as the Viet Cong. Not to be confused with enemy soldiers entering South Vietnam FROM North Vietnam, the NVA (North Viet Army). Full Answer

Who are the viet min?

The Viet Minh were a North Vietnamese communist gurrilla force originally made to secure independance from French rule and later fought against the USA in the Vietnam War. They are often wrongly called the Viet Cong. This is incorrect as… Full Answer

What is the Vietnam war about?

the northern Vietnamese wanted Communism so the democratic Vietnamese fled to south Vietnam, the democratic part, mean while the southern communists still were there and decided they should take Vietnam as a whole communist country. they became the Viet Cong… Full Answer

What is Veitnamization?

Vietnamization was the process by which the prosecution of the Vietnam War was given to the South Vietnamese. The South Vietnamese Army was trained and given materiel to fight North Vietnam and the Viet Cong. Full Answer