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Why do you have a name?

we have a name because people could want to talk or do something you don't know if there calling you. Or you wouldn't know how to tell people apart from each other
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How do you get a name?

Our parents give us a first and often a middle name. Governmentsrequire names to keep records of births.
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What is the name?

A name is a label that we give for everything (humans, things etc)to distinguish one from another.
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Why do you have to have names?

A name is given as a means to identify you from others. In some societies it is a welcome and a promise you will be recognized and welcomed into the family/tribe. A name separ ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have the name you do?

first name: because my parents liked it. middle name: because it's a tradition. some times the middle name is because its your godmother or godfathers first name, true reply ( Full Answer )
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Why are you named what you are?

because my mom wanted one name and my dad wanted a similar, but different, name - so they compromised.
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Why do you have to have a name?

you need to have a name because people need to know what to call you by
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What is my name'?

Your name is a noun that is used to call or label you so that youare able to be known as that title.
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Why did people call Queen Victoria drina?

Queen Victoria's first name was Alexandrina. The "Drina" was short for Alexandrina. Victoria was her middle name.
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What is the term name for naming scientific names?

Taxonomy: . 1. The classification of organisms in an ordered system that indicates natural relationships. 2. The science, laws, or principles of classification; systemat ( Full Answer )
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Why are we named?

we are named so we dont kind of say ' oi? ' and a ton of people look back so if you call one person's name like ' Tom? ' one person looks back so its basically to stop getting ( Full Answer )
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Is the a name?

No the is not a name. The is a three letter word that people would stugle with out.
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What the name of but?

Why do you people Always ask the GAYEST questions -_-' The name of Butt is Butt The name of But is But. That's why you called it a But. Your basically asking: -example ( Full Answer )
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How do you have no name?

Everybody has a name. It's the way the government knows we exist. Though, really, we're all just numbers. It's a sad, pathetic existence, isn't it?
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What is the name of As?

If it can be written :- as or As then it is a roman coin.. If it is always written As (even in mid sentence) it is the chemical symbol for Arsenic.
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What is the name of NO?

Nitric oxide or nitrogen monoxide is a chemical compound with chemical formula NO. This gas is an important signaling molecule in the body of mammals, including humans, and is ( Full Answer )
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Who has a your name?

It depends on the last name. You could be related to someone with he same last name as you and never know. My last name is Alperin, and it is actually very common with Ashkena ( Full Answer )
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What is a name?

Your Name Along with other details, it is a label that uniquely identifies a person, and is usually given to an individual by their parents. Your name is the word or words p ( Full Answer )
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What is a name for?

\nA name is for someone to call you something. Would you want someone to call you something or say," person over there!"
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Why do we have names?

Names allow us to be identified as individuals by others, both in adirect way and in reference to others. Where names are not unique,it is difficult but not impossible to disc ( Full Answer )
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What the name of you?

jenks is the best. dont underestimate the bras of flagnogs iight home dawgy dogssz. hii carolynn !. Mr. Rogers
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Why did they name you?

They named us because we would not get confused who the other person is talking to. For example (Hey you what are you doing. Are you talking to me or him?)
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What name do?

" .do " is the ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) for Dominican Republic . There are a total of about 280 Internet TLDs. For a fairly comprehensive list of Interne ( Full Answer )
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What is there In the Name?

This is most likely an elongated paraphrase of Juliet's statement, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet;" If so, then Shakes ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get your names?

well you can get your names from the internet, books, library, family, friends, make one up, or even from your religion. It really depends if they want a common or uncommon na ( Full Answer )
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Why do have to have a name?

You have to have a name so that you can be independently and genetically identified. lolololololololo sarz
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Who are you named after?

In most societies your name is chosen by your parents. They may or may not choose to name you after someone. They may choose a name because they like it.
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What is the name for plain names and fancy names?

A plain name can be a birth first name and last name or surname. Afancy name is usually a made up name such as an alias. People usealiases when on the Internet so that persona ( Full Answer )
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Is you a name?

No, "you" is a pronoun , a word that takes the place of anoun (a name is a type of noun) in a sentence. The pronoun "you" is a personal pronoun , a word that takesthe place ( Full Answer )
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Your name?

I think that Jennifer is a great name for a girl and Zacharay for aa boy
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Why is my name?

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