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How did the Olympics of ancient Greece start and when?

It was a religious festival of the god Zeus, celebrated with athletics, chariot racing and other games and contests, which was held each four years from 776 BCE.
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Who invented the olympics in ancient Greece?

no 1 specific person invented it, The Greeks invented athletic contests and held them in honour of their gods. The Isthmos game were staged every two years at the Isthmos of C ( Full Answer )
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What were the olympics like in ancient Greece?

in ancient greece the olympics were diffrent because they didnt win any medals, because the won olive branches insted of gold, silveer and bronze medals.
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When did the ancient greece olympics end?

The Ancient Greek Olympics ended in 393 AD, after 615 years, byorder of Roman Emperor Theodosius I. They began in Olympia, Greecein 776 BC and were held every 4 years.
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Where were the ancient Greece olympics held?

In Olympia. It is a place built especially for the sports events held in every 4 years. It is in the northwest part of the Peloponnesos (which is the southern part of the Balk ( Full Answer )
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Why did ancient Greece have Olympics?

The ancient Greeks throughout time always valued a healthy body. They thought it was honoring the Greek gods when they kept in shape. The Greeks were also very competitive and ( Full Answer )
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Why did the ancient Greece Olympics start?

The Olympic games were believe to have been held to honor the Greek gods, one in particular named Zeus. The Olympic games began about 3,000 years ago and the first record game ( Full Answer )
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How did Ancient Greece Olympics originate?

The Olympic Games, originally created to honor Zeus, was the most important national festival of the ancient Greeks, and a focus of political rivalries between the nation-stat ( Full Answer )
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Where were the ancient Olympics held in Greece?

The ancient Olympics were held at the temple of Zeus in theterritory of the city-state of Elis, located in the PeloponnesePeninsula.
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How was the Olympic Torch lit in Ancient Greece?

There was no torch. The Olympic torch was made up in 1936. The Olympic torch was invented as a way of symbolically creating a connection between Olympia in Greece and an at ( Full Answer )
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When were the Olympics held in Ancient Greece?

Every summer . no! the answer above is wrong!!!! the Olympics are help every 4 years and i think are only held in 1 place in a lifetime!
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Why was the Olympic games held in ancient Greece?

Because the king Zeus said they're going to have the Olympics game in Greece so that they be fit. In those times girls won't allowed to play in the Olympics. So in 1900 gi ( Full Answer )
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Did they have archery in ancient Greece Olympics?

No. The original Olympic Games were more about prowess than skill. The games favored the strong over the precise. Originally there was only running, but later, events included ( Full Answer )
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Did ancient Greece invent the Olympics?

Yes, the Greeks invented the Olympics and held tornaments in Olympus. Sports like archery, javelin throwing, wrestling. BTW they did it naked.
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Why did ancient Greece do the Olympics naked?

as far as I can remember a paricipants loin cloth came off and his father was a politician of high rank and the rest took theirs off as not to make him feel uncomfortable or m ( Full Answer )
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What do the Olympic Games have to do with ancient Greece?

They were a four-yearly religious festival started in 776 BCE tohonour the god Zeus. They were held at Olympia in southern Greece.After a thousand years, they had become so co ( Full Answer )
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How frequent were the Olympics in ancient Greece?

the games just came out as a festival to honour Zeus. Since it was such a success the Games started being held every four years but stopped in 393 AD. However, it was restarte ( Full Answer )
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Why was the first Olympics held in ancient Greece?

Unite the Greek communities culturally and reinforce a shared Greek, or Panhellenic, heritage. They were also held to honour one of there gods, Zeus.
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What are the Olympic contributions of Ancient Greece?

By Olympics I'm assuming you mean Olympics. If you are then your awnser is that scientific evidence suggests that the Olympics started in ancient Greece as a tribute to their ( Full Answer )
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Was the Olympics only in ancient Greece?

The Olympic Games were held every four years from 776 BCE at thetemple of Zeus at Olympia in southern Greece as a celebration forthe god. It was discontinued a thousand years ( Full Answer )
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How serious was the Olympics in ancient Greece?

Ancient Greeks were very serious about the Olympics thateven when they are in the middle of a war,they will actually stopwhat there doing and go and play in the Olympics!
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Were the Olympics only held in Ancient Greece?

The ancient Olympics were held in ancient Greece at Olympia in thePeloponnese every four years as a festival of the god Zeus.
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Who was allowed to participate in the ancient Greece Olympics?

Only those men who could prove that they were Greek. Unfortunately for us, ethnicity was not the same then as we see it now. By this I mean that everyone from Herodotus to Plu ( Full Answer )