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What is GW-BASIC. What are the rules of GW-BASIC. Define the Commands and Statements of the GW-BASIC. Define the modes of GW-BASIC. List any five short-cut keys of GW-BASIC.?

GW-BASIC (short for Gee-Whiz Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) is a version of the BASIC programming language released by Microsoft in 1983 for the DOS operating system. GW-BASIC evolved from Microsoft BASIC-80, also known as MBASIC. The last version was… Full Answer

What are the versions of basic?

Basic is a programming language. Full Formof BASIC is Begineers All Purpose Symbolic Industrial Code. There are around 250 variation of BASIC. The most common ones are GW BASIC, QBASIC and Visual Basic. You can find more on: Full Answer

What are basic ions?

they either refer to basic anions (-ve) or basic cations (+ve). they are basically ions, which form a base in water. Na+ forms a basic cation, OH forms the basic anion. Full Answer