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Are black Africans descendants of Noah?

If the story of Noah and the biblical Flood is literally true, then absolutely everyone is descended from Noah. However, there are sound and convincing reasons for believing that the story of Noah and the biblical Flood is not literally… Full Answer

Did Noah see the promised land?

A:The biblical legend of Noah predates the story of the Promised Land, so there is no reference in the Bible to Noah ever seeing the land. Also, Noah's Ark is traditionally thought to have rested on Mount Ararat, far to… Full Answer

Were Noah and Abraham related?

A:The Bible says that Noah was a distant ancestor to Abraham, but lived until Abraham was 60 years old, although Abraham seems unaware of Noah's existence or even of God having saved him in the Flood. From a biblical perspective… Full Answer

How long did Noah live?

According to the bible Noah was 950 years, but he was not a prophet. A:All the early biblical heroes are attributed lifespans that accord with a simple numerology formula based on the number 17. Noah, who was exactly 600 years… Full Answer

What age was Noah when he died?

Noah (biblical myth) was supposedly 950 years old when he died. This information is found in Genesis chapter 9 verse 29 of the Holy Bible. Accounts of his age are however under scrutiny, and it is suggested that Noah's correct… Full Answer