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Are catfish arthropods?

No, catfish aren't arthropods, they have a backbone and are thus in a different phylum, Chordata. Arthropods are characterized by having an exoskeleton; bones for an internal skeleton would indicate a non-arthropod. Full Answer

What bug is an arthropod?

Pretty much all bugs are arthropods, with the exception of an informal usage of the word "bug" to describe a pathogen causing an illness. All insects are arthropods; non-insect arthropods like myriapods (centipedes and millipedes for example) are called bugs… Full Answer

What are non-arthropods?

well i don't know about non arthropods but this is what i know about arthropods:- Arthropods have jointed legs and a head and segmented body parts called the thorax and abdomen. An arthropod's body is covered by a shell or… Full Answer