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How does an ice cube relay work?

The relay is used to "interlock" a circuit. It consists of a coil and a number of auxiliary "normally open" or "normally closed" contacts. A limiting condition is wired through the coil contacts and resulting conditions are wired through the… Full Answer

What services can you find at Kontaktlinsen?

Kontaktlinsen is a German company that sells contact lenses. They have services that provide suggestions on the best contacts to get based on the person. They also explain the difference between the different types of contacts.

How do you put contacts on your iPod nano?

To load contact information manually, you: 1) Connect iPod nano and open your favorite email or cantacts application. Loading contacts works with Palm Desktop, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Ectourage, and Eudora, among others. 2) Drag contacts from the application's address book… Full Answer

Why does a light switch when you touch the contact and it's turned on only shock you a little but when you turn the switch two times more so the lights still on and touch the contact it shocks you mor?

It is very dangerous (and unneccessary) to touch live contacts in a lamp fitting, using mains voltages. The change in intensity of a shock, caused by switching on and off, could be due to resistance in the switch contacts. With… Full Answer