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How was your first day of university?

"Stepped Into The Campus With lot of expectation which everyone do have in their transfix Everyone are Strangers Except few,But now all are friends except few..... i had a very beautiful journey until now.....

Who was not an emperor of rome?

President Lincoln was not an Emperor of Rome, indeed everyone who has ever Lived except for the few people who were Roman Emperors were NOT Emperors of Rome. That is many many billion people, what is the point of asking… Full Answer

What is gta5?

It's a game you can still car and mont everything except people you can't except if their a job the game will lit you still people

What does 1 Peter 2.9 mean?

It means that we are chosen by god for his work and not to waste this life , we are the few chosen people . chosen before the foundation of the earth to serve god.

How is the game twenty questions played?

You have one person who is "it," and who must think of a person, place or thing without telling anyone anything except whether it is a person or place or thing. You then go around the room in order. Everyone… Full Answer

What is Zombieland about?

its about in the future everyone is turned into zombies except a few people and its about the life about one character. Its an awsome movie. I got a download link for you if you want to see this movie… Full Answer