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In what country is Queensland a state?

Queensland is a state in the country of Australia. Located on the northeast shore of the country. Queensland has the 3rd largest population of all Australian states, and it is home to the city of Brisbane.

What is the third biggest state in Australia?

The third largest state by area in Australia is South Australia, ranked after Western Australia and Queensland. The Northern Territory is actually third in area, but it is a territory and not a state. The third largest state by population…

What size is Queensland Australia?

The land area of Queensland, Australia is 1 723 936 sq km. The length of its border is 3 339 km. It has a population of approximately 4 569 100 people, as of January 2011.

Where is Bribie Island located?

Bribie Island is located in Australia. It is one of the three barrier islands for Moreton Bay in Queensland, Australia, and has a population of approximately 16,000.

How big is a Cane Toad?

It is 38cm. There population has tripled from when they got taken in to Australia. They were supposed to eat all of the bugs. People are worried that they might take over Queensland then the WHOLE of Australia!!

Who is the President of Queensland of 2009?

Queensland is a state of Australia and therefore does not have a president. Australia also does not have a president, but a Prime Minister. The leader of government in Queensland is the premier. In 2009, this was Anna Bligh.