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Who played in the first Monday Night Football game?

The first Monday Night Football game was played September 21, 1970 between the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns at Municipal Stadium in Cleveland. The Browns won 31-21.
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What year did monday night football start?

The first game in the MNF history was played September 21, 1970 between the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns in Cleveland. The Browns won 31-21.
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What is the longest Monday night football game?

Jets vs Miami in 2000. Jets were down 30-7 and came back to win in the 4th quarter. Longest game in MNF history. Called "The Monday Night Miracle"
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What NFL team has played in the most Monday Night Football games?

Franchises with the most Monday night appearances include the Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders, Chicago Bears, Denver Bronco ( Full Answer )
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What time does Monday night football start?

Monday Night Football starts each year at 8:00 PM Central time.Each Monday night a different team will play each other.
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What songs are most played during football games?

There are a lot of songs played in the football games. In the NFL they play a lot of Sam Spence numbers (Round-up, Salute to Courage). Though in the modern NFL era, these song ( Full Answer )
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What are offensive and defensive tactics used during a siege?

Examples of offensive tactics would be using a giant catapult to hurl large stones at the beseiged walls or using a battering ram to force entry to entrance doors or walls. E ( Full Answer )
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What is the techno song played in game stats on monday night football?

I'm almost positive that it's the end titles from the Tron:Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk. Here's a YouTube link to it: I had th ( Full Answer )
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Who played in the only overtime tied monday night football game?

Through the 2009 season, there have been three MNF tie games - 1) Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, 14-14, on November 1, 1971. 2) Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos, ( Full Answer )
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Why do offensive linemen point at defense during snap count?

They're identifying the middle linebacker (AKA the Mike linebackeror MLB). Most offensive lines use a numbering scheme that beginswith the MLB. Since the MLB will align differ ( Full Answer )
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What are types of defenses you can play during a basketball game?

There are many different variations of defenses in basketball, but most derive from the basic man defense or zone defense. During man defense every person on a team is respons ( Full Answer )