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What is the maximum age a cosigner can be?

Answer . \nThere is no maximum age. I don't think federal law would allow any discrimination based on age.
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What is the maximum age difference for marriage?

In my opinion age don't matter, what matters is that the couple loves each other. I know a couple who is like 16 years apart in age but they love each other to death. As l ( Full Answer )
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What is the age of the universe?

The universe is about 13.5 to 14 billion years old, from the Big Bang to the present. The half billion year uncertainty allows for a number of different methods of measureme ( Full Answer )
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What maximum age can a journalism student be?

Only some schools have a maximum age for journalism students. Theschools that do usually require students to be under 28 years ofage.
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Who is Hu?

Hu is the Egyptian deity of creative force. Currently being used as a deity for the religion known as "Ek" or "EkanKar".
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Is there a maximum age to be a federal employee?

Easy, just read this !... maximum age for federal employee is PROHIBITED, except under special circumstances:\n. \nTitle 5: Administrative Personnel\nPART 338—QUALIFICAT ( Full Answer )
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Can you predict the maximum or minimum point on a parabola?

A parabola is (mathematically speaking) a quadratic function, which looks like this. y = ax 2 + bx + c. where a, b and c are constants. (If three points on the curve are kn ( Full Answer )
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What is the maximum age of enjoying sex?

There is no maximum age to enjoy sex. As long as 2 people don't have too many physical limitations, they can enjoy sex.
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What is the maximum age for olympic swimming?

There is no maximum age for swimming in the Olympics, however, certainly the younger one is the faster they can swim as a general rule. The 2008 U.S. Olympic swimming team's o ( Full Answer )
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Maximum age to join marines?

The maximum age to join the Marines is 28. This would be fornon-prior service enlistments. The maximum to enlist in any of themilitary is at the age of 42.
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What age is the universe?

Right now scientists think the universe is about 14 billion years old; that's the short answer. For a longer discussion, read here: ( Full Answer )
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What is maximum age of a lion?

Well it depends ... Usually it can live 40 years .. maybe less but most of them live for 20-25
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Maximum age of a ww1 soldier?

I'm not sure was an upper limit. My wife's great great grandfather was killed on the 1st day of the battle of the Somme, 1st July 1916. He was 60 , born 1856
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What are the three predictions of your Universe?

1. That the Universe will just keep on expanding forever. 2. That the Universe will keep on expanding but then eventually stop. 3. That the Universe will IMPLODE.
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What is the maximum age of a cat?

The longest lived domestic cat on record was a cat named "Creme Puff" who lived in Austin Texas and died at the age of 38 years old. However most cats live about 14 to 20 year ( Full Answer )
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What are the minimum and maximum age requireme?

A: You can start cheerleading when your in kindergarden for some of them.If you want to cheer try not to be anymore than 30 - 35 yr. Some places are different for the ages, al ( Full Answer )
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What is the maximum age women can have kids?

Woman can conceive children at any age as long as they have viable eggs. A 70 year old woman in India just gave birth to a child.
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What is the maximum age to increase height?

It varies from individual to individual.When human attain full bone maturity further increase in height not possible.This ae varies in girls and boys and is usually the the la ( Full Answer )
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What is maximum age of bat?

A Myotis brandt's bat found in siberia to be 41 years on its ring number.
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What is the maximum age of snake?

It depends on the species. Some of the larger pythons can live for 40 years or more !
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What are maximum rides charactor ages?

max is 14 till FANG then she is 15,fang is 14 till FANG then he is 15,iggi is 14 till FANG then he is 15,nudge is 11 till FANG then she is 12,gazzy/gasman is 8 till FANG then ( Full Answer )
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Why is the mass of the universe important in predicting the future universe?

If there is not sufficient matter in the Universe, eventually, entropy will take over and the Universe will continually expand and cool until there is no possibility of life. ( Full Answer )
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Which animal has maximum age?

That honor is usually accorded to the Galapagos Tortoise, which regularly tops 100 years. However, the occasional human has lived longer, and we don't really know all that muc ( Full Answer )
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What is the maximum age of a pigeon?

Pigeons in the wild usually live five years or less. A pet pigeon could possibly live to be 15.
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Is there a maximum age to run for president?

No - only a minimum age. According to Article II, Clause 5 of the US Constitution: No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of theUnited States, at the time of ( Full Answer )