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Is mag aso falls in bohol dangerous?

I read an incident regarding flash flood occurring at the falls.

What does imb4 mean?

IMB4 is a misspelling for the acronym INB4. The meaning of the acronym is "in before". The term is normally used in online forums.

Where can one find Disney forums online?

There are several Disney forums in internet. Disboards, Magical Kingdoms forums, WDW magic etc are a few examples for Disney forums. Most of them are about Walt Disney World.

What has the author Gilbert Fowler White written?

Gilbert Fowler White has written: 'Choice of adjustment to floods' -- subject(s): Flood damage prevention 'Papers on flood problems' -- subject(s): Floods 'The control and development of flood plain areas' -- subject(s): United States, Flood control, Flood damage prevention

What is meaning of shikra in Punjabi?

I am not sure but read this in other forums online. Shikra is a bird that eats skin/flesh. Shikra is a bird of prey. Not an hawk exactly but a smaller variant. Scientific name is "Accipiter badius"