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What flower is the national flower of America?

Answer . The rose.. September 23, 1986, the House of Representatives passed a joint resolution naming the rose as the "national floral emblem" of the United States. The Se ( Full Answer )
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What is the national flower of Greece?

Greece's national flower is the Bear's breech (Acanthus Mollis), ithas long white and violet or rose colored blooms.
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Is the rose a national flower?

UNITED STATES CODE TITLE 36. PATRIOTIC SOCIETIES AND OBSERVANCES CHAPTER 10--PATRIOTIC CUSTOMS. s 187. National floral emblem. The flower commonly known as the rose is d ( Full Answer )
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What is the national flower of the Dominican Republic?

The Caoba flower is the national one here since jun 16th 1957. However, it seems to have changed in 2011 to the Bayahibe Rose. [See related links] There still seems to b ( Full Answer )
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What is the national flower of Britain?

There is no one "National Flower of Britain" because thereare three different constituent countries located in Great Britainand there being diverse flora in these places. In ( Full Answer )
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What is the national flower of Norway?

Norway's national flower is called Bergfrue. (Saxifraga cotyledon) In English it is called Pyramidal Saxifrage. The reason why someone answered heather is because there was ( Full Answer )
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What is the national flower of Mexico?

The Dahlia is the Mexican national flower. Dahlia pinnata is the national flower of Mexico . Dahlias originated from the mountainous regions of Mexico and Central America a ( Full Answer )
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What is the national flower of Canada?

Canada does not have a national flower. However, the Maple leaf is the official symbol. Maple. dog wood
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What is the national flower of American Samoa?

The national flower of American Samoa is the Red Ginger. The RedGinger flower can also be called Pink Cone Ginger and OstrichPlume.
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What is Napoli Italy's national flower?

The national flower of Italy is the Stylized Lily. This flower isthe national flower for the entire country including Napoli, whichis also known as Naples.
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What flower is the national flower of Finland?

Lily-of-the-Valley is the National Flower of Finland. This flower is well known for its sweet and strong smell. Finland has many other beautiful things and this flower Lily-of ( Full Answer )
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What flower is the national flower of Pakistan?

Water Lily,the same as Bangladesh Correction by Noe.Historian: Quote; "Water-Lilly is the national flower of Bangladesh and not of Pakistan. The national flower of Pakista ( Full Answer )
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What is the national flower of Paraguay?

The national flower of Paraguay is the mburucuyá , or passion flower ( Passiflora caerulea ), also known as the maypop.
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Why is lotus the national flower of India?

The lotus always grows in ponds with a layer of moss or mud on top of the water. This symbolizes that, even when it is surrounded by dirt and impurity, it can still grow proud ( Full Answer )
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What is the national flower of Iraq?

the Red Rose or the Anastatica. most commonly found in Iraq is the Anastatica, but if you are trying to find the "national flower", it would be the Red Rose. :)
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What is Norway national flower today?

Norway has 2 national flowers. Bergfrue (Saxifraga cotyledon) that has been Norway's national flower since 1935 and Røsslyng (Calluna vulgaris) that has been Norway's na ( Full Answer )
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What is Afghanistan national flower?

The National Flower of Afghanistan is a tulip. Surprisingly, most people believe that the national flower is a poppy.
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Why is rose the national flower of US?

In 1986, the US Congress passed an act declaring the Rose to be the "floral symbol" of the US. The following is a quote from President Regan at the signing of this act: Americ ( Full Answer )
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What is the Ivory Coast's national flower?

No information for a national flower for the Ivory Coast was found.It appears that they do not have a national flower.
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Does Australia have a national flower?

Yes. Australia's national floral emblem is the Golden Wattle.Australia's national colours of green and gold were adopted becausethey reflect the floral emblem.
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What is the national flower of Bermuda?

Describing anything as "national" in Bermuda is a potentially explosive act. Bear in mind that Bermuda is not a nation, it is part of the UK (the UK government, those Bermudia ( Full Answer )
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What is the name of Pakistan national flower?

chambelay Correction by Noe.Historian: Quote; "It is 'Jasmine' in English, 'Yasmeen' in Persian, 'Chambeli' in Urdu and 'Chameli' in Punjabi." Unquote.
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What flower is the national flower of Europe?

There is no single national flower of Europe. Europe is a collection of many different countries and each individual country will have its own national flower.
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What is a national flower?

A national flower is a flower chosen to be a symbol of a country.As an example, the Rose was selected as the national flower of theUnited States in 1985. According to an Inte ( Full Answer )