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Is 97.3 a normal temperature for an adult?

The normal temperature is 98.6o Fahrenheit (37o Celsius) But 97.3o is not uncommon and is completely normal to have as a body temperature. 97o-99o is considered a normal, and safe temperature range for humans.

What is the normal temperature of an adult pug?

The average temperature of a healthy dog is 101 °F or 38 °C. Clarification: The normal range for a healthy dog's temperature is between 100.0 F to 102.5 F, although many smaller breeds, including pugs, can have an average normal… Full Answer

What is a normal temperature for a human?

i think 98.6 is considered normal and average. but a normal range can be as high 99.2. some people's body temperature is naturally higher this is why they chart this information at the doctor's office. everybody's normal is different.