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What are the opposite colors on a color wheel?

Red is opposite from green. Yellow is opposite from purple. Blue is opposite orange. Yellow-green is opposite red-violet. Yellow-orange is opposite blue-violet. Red-orange is opposite blue-green. Pairs of colors opposite each other are called complementary colors.

What colours makes amber?

Amber is actually a dark orange. Red and Yellow make orange so darken the orange with its opposite in this case blue.

What colors are complementary?

Opposite colors on the color wheel. Such as red is opposite of green...meaning they are complementary. Blue and Orange. Yellow and Purple. And the all the colors in between like blue-green is completmentary to red-orange

Why is tails the fox yellow?

Tails is yellow because......... At first when SEGA created Tails, he was first orange. SEGA wanted Tails to be orange to match the opposite color of Sonic. But later........ The creator of Sonic didn't think orange looked good on Tails… Full Answer