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What is the purpose of a eukaryotic cell?

The eukaryotic cell is the basic unit of life in eukaryotic organisms. It has organelles that are involved in the synthesis of lipids and proteins. The cell bears genetic material in the nucleus, and mitochondria to generate energy in form… Full Answer

When large materials enters the cell?

Large materials enter cell when the cell wraps itself around the material it wants inside of it. The cell then slowly begins to enclose the material until it is encased by it. The cell membrane that is facing the material… Full Answer

How does material enter and leave a cell?

Material enters the cell by endocytosis, which consists of these steps: 1. The cell membrane wraps around the particle. 2. When it is completely surrounded, a vesicle pinches off from the membrane. Material leaves the cell by exocytosis, which consists… Full Answer