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Who enforced the cultural revolution?

Mao Zedong was the one that started and made the influence, but the real people that took action were his Red Guards, or the students that come from "Red" families. These Red Guards were the real followers of Mao.

Who were the red guards?

The red guards were supporters of Chinese Chairman Mao. The red guards were students that defined themselves as a revolutionary youth organization.

Does skiing need guards?

The only circumstance in skiing that you need guards for is racing. Exept a helmet which should be worn at all times but in some places you don't have to wear one.

What is Emile's armor in Halo Reach?

Emile's helmet is the last/one of the last unlockables after purchasing the add-ons for MJOLNIR EVA helmet. He wears the assault/sapper chestpiece, Security right shoulder, Operator left shoulder, assault/breacher wrist utility, and a tactical softcase ultility, and FJ/Para knee guards… Full Answer

What do you wear while biking?

Depends on the weather, and what kind of riding I'm doing. If I'm riding hard, I'll wear tight fitting, wicking clothes to keep comfortable as I sweat. If I'm just pottering around I'll weare whatever I'm already wearing. Maybe add… Full Answer