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Does MMR vaccine prevent chickenpox?

If you do not want to get chicken pox then you do need to get a vaccine for chicken pox. mmr vaccine does not vaccinate against chicken pox. MMR vaccinates against measles, mumps and rubella. A chicken pox vaccine, vaccine… Full Answer

Which herpes viruses have vacines?

As far as I know chicken pox (herpes zooster) and shingles have vaccines. Chicken pox can cause shingles later in life. If you have had chicken pox before you may want to consider getting vaccinated for shingles and get your… Full Answer

Is chickenpox a childhood disease?

Typically, chicken pox is a childhood disease, but can infect anyone who never had chicken pox before.Chicken pox is a one-time illness, usually in childhood. It does not matter how "mild" or "bad" the chicken pox is. The body's defenses… Full Answer

Is shingles hereditary?

You catch shingles in old age because you had chicken pox as a child. Children catch chicken pox from other children with chicken pox or from old people with shingles. While no one inherits shingles, it may seem that way… Full Answer