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Is scientifical a word?

Scientifical is largely not accepted as a word, mostly because it is a redundant redefinition of "scientific." Scientifical should be a word. Examples: He is scientifical in his thinking. She takes a scientifical approach to her experiments. The Universe is… Full Answer

What is a pinnacle?

The ear lobe has many different names. One of them is called a pinnacle. It is the scientifical name for your ear lobe. Pinnacle also means the highest point of some structure. pinnacle

Another name for mitosis?

Due to the term 'mitosis' having a scientifical definition, there aren't truly any words that fully replace the term 'mitosis'. Some synonyms of the word, however, are amitosis and cellular division.

How did a lion get its mane?

Please be more specific: Are you expecting a folklorical tale or the scientifical reason for why an animal has it's particular attributes?