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Is scientifical a word?

Scientifical is largely not accepted as a word, mostly because it is a redundant redefinition of "scientific." Scientifical should be a word. Examples: He is scientifical in his thinking. She takes a scientifical approach to her experiments. The Universe is… Full Answer

Why was spinach invented?

You'd have to ask Nature. It is not an invention of man. Spinach is a plant that human beings found edible and harmless. It turns out to be good for you, too.

Another name for mitosis?

Due to the term 'mitosis' having a scientifical definition, there aren't truly any words that fully replace the term 'mitosis'. Some synonyms of the word, however, are amitosis and cellular division.

How human get energy from sun?

Humans eat meat, meat eats plants, and plants get their energy from the sun's light. The sunlight shining on a plant turns into heat energy, which is absorbed and used to keep the plant alive.