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Why are legs important to humans?

Legs are important to humans because humans need to walk and legs enable them to walk. Without legs, humans would not be able to walk and therefore would be bad at being humans.

Is scientifical a word?

Scientifical is largely not accepted as a word, mostly because it is a redundant redefinition of "scientific." Scientifical should be a word. Examples: He is scientifical in his thinking. She takes a scientifical approach to her experiments. The Universe is… Full Answer

Why do you walk on two legs?

cuz evolution made it so...if youwalk in 2 legs you walk up streight, thus you can see further(early humans used this advantage to hunt beter and survive)

Do cats walk or crawl?

A cats form of transportation is called walking. Cats walk on four legs, it only seems like crawling because humans walk on two legs.

Which animals walk on Two legs?

Some animals that can walk on two legs include apes, chimpanzees, and gorillas, but they use their hands for a lot of walking also. Humans can. Humans are classed as animals. Birds walk on two feet when they're not flying… Full Answer

How many legs do a monkey have?

a monkey has no legs it has arms Clarification: To say a monkey has no legs, and only has arms, is basically saying that monkeys walk on their "back arms". Monkeys have 4 legs, and walk on all 4 legs… Full Answer

A list of Animals that walk on two legs?

There are several animals that walk on two legs. Some examples include humans and apes. Many animals can temporarily stand on two legs, such as dogs, bears, squirrels, and numerous other species.